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    Real RosariesReal Rosaries is a Catholic family owned business, that enjoys making handcrafted jewelry using Swarovski crystals, pearls and beads made from your flower petals (roses or any other type of flower) from special events like weddings, First Communions, anniversaries, Baptisms, births, and any other cherished event where flowers are used.

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    Contact Real Rosaries At SymbolContact Real Rosaries whenever you have a question about your jewelry order, or for any questions related to our handmade jewelry. Have an idea for jewelry that you want to convert your flowers into? Or a great gift idea? Please contact us and we will see if we can create something new! We would love to hear about your creative ideas!

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    Real Rosaries CrucifixesNot sure what a Rosary is? How about a Decade Bracelet? What is the Our Father Bead? No problem. See our jewelry and rosary descriptions for all of our handcrafted items listed on Real Rosaries. If you are not sure about any of our products, please do not hesitate to ask, we are eager to help you. We will continue to provide more information on Real Rosaries in order to better serve you. 

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    Real Rosaries Gift IdeasReal Rosaries takes your flowers and custom makes them into jewelry which makes an excellent gift for your loved ones. From weddings, birthdays, graduations and any other special occasion where you give and receive flowers, why not turn those dead flowers into a gift that keeps on giving. A dozen roses might have cost over $50, and will last a couple of days before they start to wilt. Why not save those flowers and turn them into a family heirloom that will last a life time. Our roses to beads products are one of a kind and Real Rosaries is confident you will think so too.

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    Real Rosaries PricingReal Rosaries has a printable pricing list of our current hand crafted jewelry.  We enjoy making all kinds of jewelry using sterling silver, Swarovski Crystals, and flower beads made from your flower petals. Our printable price list is to give you an idea of what each handmade piece of jewelry costs without having to "shop" in our online store. We welcome local, face to face orders in the Northern Kentucky area (just south of Cincinnati, Ohio) and thought a price list might be just what you need.  

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    Real Rosaries TestimoniesReal Rosaries believes in customer satisfaction and we love to hear from our customers. We enjoy making jewelry and take pride in our handmade jewelry and hope to give every customer the same positive experience when it comes to our products.  We are grateful to have you as a customer, and along the way, we have a few testimonies from our customers who are grateful for the work Real Rosaries has done for them. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is a process involved when turning your flower petals from your special occasion into these keepsake memories, and sometimes questions arise, and Real Rosaries tries to address these questions ahead of time for you. Please feel free to ask any questions related to your jewelry order from Real Rosaries if you can not find the answer to your questions here. 

  • The Rosary (3)

    Mary and the Rosary at Real RosariesWhat is the Rosary? Most importantly, how do I pray the Rosary and why would I pray the Rosary? What are the Mysteries of the Rosary? A rosary is not a piece of jewelry, but a gift from God to the Church (which is all of the human race). It is a prayer. Real Rosaries makes rosaries from any combination of dried flower petals (provided by you), and/or pearls, and/or Swarovski Crystals. Real Rosaries gives life back to your special occasion flowers. 

  • The Mysterys of the Rosary (4)

    RosaryThe Mysteries of the Rosary, what we meditate on while we pray the rosary, consist of four groups, joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious. Each mystery group is meditated upon on certain days of the week.

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    Rose petal flower beadsReal Rosaries wants you to enjoy your handcrafted custom rosary or jewelry, made from your flower petals, for your lifetime, and maybe longer. Wouldn't it be nice to pass down your special occasion roses to your grand children someday? Taking care of your treasured heirloom does require you to handle this priceless gift with a little extra care.  Please take note of our bead care suggestions to make this a reality!

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    Real Rosaries Legal DisclaimersLegal Information in regards to your relationship with Real Rosaries, includes Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies. Real Rosaries also has some basic care instructions for your jewelry, especially for your flower beads. Please take the time to look over how to properly care for your flower beads. Since our products are handcrafted, there is sometimes no replacement for this special gift, and we want your experience to be a pleasant one. 

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