Frequently Asked Questions

What address should flowers be mailed to?

Flowers should be mailed to: 668 Brandtly Ridge Drive, Covington, KY 41015.
See our Contact Us page for more information.

What type of flowers can be used?

Any type of flowers can be used to make your beads. Roses are preferred since they are the easiest to transform into beads. NOTE: If you are sending other flowers besides roses, we will get back to you on basically how many beads we can make from your flowers and the quantity of what items can be made from your flowers. 

How many flowers do I need to send?

Usually two roses are needed to make one rosary. Forty-five to fifty beads can be made from one rose, and fifty three beads are needed to make a rosary. Several bracelets can be made from one rose, since a bracelet only has ten beads. Please see the NOTE above if you are sending other flowers besides roses.

How should my flowers be mailed?

It is best to hang flowers upside down and dry them first, but they can also be mailed fresh. The flowers can be cut off at the stems, so only the flower heads need to be mailed. Please wrap the flowers in tissue paper and mail them in a mailing bag, box or manila envelope. Make sure you do not put them in any saran wrap, bubble paper, or plastic baggie. This will cause your flowers to mold and therefore cannot be used. Remember, you can have flowers from over 50 years and still do this process. If your flowers have molded, they will not be able to be made into beads.


How will I know when you receive my flowers?

I will send you an e-mail when I receive your flowers to let you know they have arrived. Although not required, insurance and delivery confirmation is always recommended.

What color will my beads be?

Your beads will be as close a match to the flowers you sent. You may expect some variations in color. Colorant is added to bring out the vibrant color of your flowers since they have lost most of their color during the drying process. If you have white beads, we can add any colorant to make them the color of your choice.

Will the rosary or jewelry smell like roses?

Any of our items can be scented with pure rose oil; however, the scent will eventually go away. You may rub a small amount of rose oil on the beads using a Q-tip at any time for a stronger smell or if the smell has gone away. (See Bead Care page for more information). If you want us to add the rose oil for you just check the box on your order form! Due to various allergies, some people prefer not to have their beads scented. If you prefer us not to scent your beads, it is extremely important to note this on your order. Once the oil is placed on the beads, only time will wear it away. 

My rosary/chaplet is turning a little dark, why is this happening and what should I do?

Always use a clean cloth after using your rosary. The natural oil from your skin is rubbing onto the beads. Please see our disclaimer and privacy statements at the bottom of each page for care and handling instructions.

Will my beads break?

Yes. The beads could possibly break if they are played with by small children. Also, if they are submerged in water or exposed to harsh chemicals they will be irreplaceable. Please make sure they are always handled with care.You may contact us if your beads do break for information regarding repair options and pricing.

How do I measure wrist size?

Measuring wrist size is very easy. All you need to do is take a flexible measuring tape, like the kind used for sewing, and wrap it around the wrist that needs to be measured. Please make sure to measure in inches.

What do you do with any leftover flowers?

Any leftover flowers will be saved for a year. This way, if sometime within that year you decide you would like another piece of jewelry, after placing your new order, you can advise us in the comment section of the Order Form to use your flowers from your previous order. If you do not want us to keep your flowers and would like them back with your order, please note this as well in the comment section of the Order Form.

When can I expect to receive my order back?

If your order is for a piece of jewelry using only crystals or pearls, the turn around time is usually two to three weeks. If the piece of jewelry consists of flowers, we usually quote about six to eight weeks. However, there are different factors that determine the length of time. These include size of order, time of year, and if your flowers are already dried. Please keep in mind that each bead is skillfully hand-crafted. There are no machines putting your beads together. 


How will my rosary or jewelry be shipped back to me?

We ship all packages through USPS with Delivery Confirmation and insurance. 

How do I get payment to you?

Payment is expected when the order is placed. We accept cashier’s checks, money orders, and credit cards through PayPal. No personal checks will be accepted.

Can I pay in cash?

Cash is only acceptable if you are local and we are picking up the flowers from you. You may also pay in cash if you are dropping off your flowers locally. Cash should never be sent through the mail.

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