"Exquisite Piece of Jewelry"

The Miraculous Medal bracelet I ordered from Lauri at, "Real Rosaries" far exceeded my expectations. It is truly a beautiful and exquisite piece of jewelry. I love the fact that Lauri combined the beauty and craftsmanship of a handmade bracelet with the sacredness of the Miraculous Medal. It would make the perfect present for a woman (or girl!) of any age, and was the perfect gift for my daughter's Confirmation --- I would recommend "Real Rosaries" to anyone in need of a unique, religious novelty!


"Meaningful and Beautiful Memory"

What a meaningful and beautiful memory from my wedding day. A good friend surprised me with this gift and tears came to my eyes when I opened the box and realized what it was. Then I showed it to my husband and said, "Did you know that people sometimes do special things with their wedding flowers?" He was amazed and impressed. Since the roses in my bridal bouquet were white, my rosary is a lovely white color with beautiful crystal beads in between each decade. The rose scent is wonderful as well. Praying the rosary will be a special experience. But even if you are not one who prays the rosary reguarly, this can be a wonderful keepsake to put on display or place in a special container. I will treasure this rosary and it is sure to become a family heirloom.


"Cherished Family Heirloom"

What was once a treasure of a sacred memory I had let fade into a dusty heap of dead flowers . As a Real Rosary they have been beautifully transformed into a cherished family heirloom. Thank you!!


"A Great Gift for Special Occasions"

The rosary is BEAUTIFUL! Today is my mom’s 70th birthday, so when we get together tonight I’m going to show it to my family. I’ll be sure to share it with my friends as well...what a great gift for special occasions!!! I wasn't sure yellow would work, but somehow you managed to make it more beautiful than I would ever have imagined. Yellow was my mom's favorite color, so whenever I use that rosary, I'll remember to pray for her soul