The Miraculous Medal

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miraculous medal front sideThe Front Side

  • Mary stands on a globe (earth) with a crushed snake (Satan) under her feetĀ 
  • This image represents Mary as "Queen of Heaven and Earth"
  • The rays coming from her hands symbolize the graces Mary gives to those who ask

miraculous medal back side

The Reverse Side

  • A cross (Christ's sacrifice for our salvation) with a bar (earth) underneath
  • The Letter "M" (Mary) stands for her devotion to Jesus and her children on Earth
  • Two hearts: the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sorrowful Heart of Mary
  • Twelve stars: the twelve apostles and Revelation 12:1

"Graces will abound for persons who wear [The Miraculous Medal] with confidence." Our Lady's words to St. Catherine Laboure