The Rosary

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Mary and the RosaryWhat is the Rosary?

  • Rosary means crown of roses
  • It is the greatest prayer in the Church after the Mass and Liturgy of the Hours 
  • The Rosary has been called the preparation for contemplation and the prayer of saints
  • While the hands and lips are focused on the prayers, the mind mediates on the mysteries, joyful, luminous, sorrowful, and glorious

Why pray the Rosary?

  • "Say the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world" (Our Lady of Fatima)
  • "There is no surer means of calling down God's blessings upon the family...than the daily recitation of the Rosary (Pope Pius XII)
  • "My impression is that Our Lady wanted to give ordinary people, who might not know how to pray, this simple method of getting closer to God" (Sister Lucia, one of the seers of Fatima)
  • "How beautiful is the family that recites the Rosary every evening" (Pope John Paul II)